Acum să trecem la chestii serioase

Încep prin a vă spune că în curând, adică peste vreo zece minute, clubul va avea o nouă recenzie, de data asta una poliţistă.

Merg mai departe spunându-vă să aruncaţi un ochi la Lucia fix aici şi să vă gândiţi pe cine şi cum propuneţi.

Spun, de asemenea, că susţin mişcarea violet. Mai ştiţi că într-o perioadă mi-a ieşit părul mov 😀 ce s-a mai râs atunci 😆

Şi urmează să vă dau copy/paste un comunicat Tritonic. No, trebuie să trec peste nebunia cu Martin şi să revin pe pământ. Dacă totuşi vreţi să îmi daţi o mână de ajutor, spunându-i lui Aspoiu că poate comenta nestingherit, e un pasaj mai jos din ceea ce se vrea a fi un thriller, adică „Sărutul morţii”. Puteţi comenta textul la modul de ce vă place şi ce nu. Vă jur că e scris de mine. Gata cu joaca.

Vine comunicatul:


“Vă invităm în perioada 21-31 ianuarie la „Târgul de carte, muzică, film” de la ExpoMall MegaFun, centru expoziţional amplasat în incinta AFI Palace Cotroceni.


Ziua Tritonic – 23 ianuarie 2010


Tritonic vă invită la dezbateri şi sesiuni de autografe, alături de autorii noştri, în data de 23 ianuarie, începând cu ora 16.00


Ora 16.00: Dezbatere despre tinerii scriitori români cu Adrian Suciu (autor „Sex cu femei”) şi Leonard Ancuţa (autor „Control”)

Ora 17.00: Lansare şi sesiune de autografe CD Mari actori români cu Mircea Albulescu

Ora 18.00: Dezbatere – Romanul poliţist românesc în secolul XXI.

Invitaţi: George Arion (scriitor şi publicist, autor „Detectiv fără voie” şi „Crime sofisticate”), Oana Stoica-Mujea (autoare „Indicii anatomice”), Răzvan Dolea  (jurnalist, istoric şi co-autor „Blestemul manuscrisului”) şi Bogdan Hrib (editor şi scriitor)


EXPOMALL MEGAfun, primul spaţiu profesionist dedicat târgurilor, expoziţiilor cu vânzare şi organizării de evenimente de promovare, situat într-un centru comercial şi disponibil pe toată durata anului, îşi va deschide oficial porţile în data de 21 ianuarie 2010 la AFI Palace Cotroceni, cel mai mare şi mai modern mall din România şi din Europa de Est. AFI Palace Cotroceni este situat la intersecţia dintre Str. Vasile Milea şi Bulevardul Timişoara, având o suprafaţă închiriabilă de aproximativ 76.000 de metri pătraţi.”


UPDATE: sa-mi fie ruşine, uitam ce-i mai important, mâine apare în „Curierul zilei” ceva despre mine. Ceva legat de ce veţi citi mai jos. De ce în engleză? Vă povestesc cu altă ocazie 😉 Oricum, îi mulţumesc unei persoane speciale pentru şansă. Aranjarea in pagina arata mult mai bine, dar deh…


Written by Oana Stoica-Mujea

Translated by Shauki Al-Gareeb



Lady Helena



            Characters: Lady Helena: ex-warrior on the lands of Greece, now arrived on the border between life and death on the banks of the Styx river.

            The feminine spirits’ choir.


            The scene: scenery half-illuminated. A fragile bridge crosses the river, and somewhere to the right of the scene there is half of a boat and a dark figure.


            First Act: Monologue: Helena stands near the bridge, dressed in man’s clothing, her sword at her girdle and her long loose-flowing hair on her back.



(Looking to the dark figure)

You have always been ugly at your soul, but the mighty Gods are even uglier. Hear what they say, to tax the death. Like during a lifetime there aren’t enough payments.

(She pulls her sword and looks at it)


When you die on the battlefield, no one thinks to let you have a coin. To pass beyond in a dignified way. To be able to pay Charon in a dignified manner. But he, the villain, blinded by the metal shine, no, he does not agrees to cross me beyond without a gift.


As I don’t have any gift, because neither have I died dressed in chain mail, nor have I possessed any other precious gems, what does the villain think to ask me for? Precisely the sword which has been useful for me in the battle.


Yes, I understand anyone once arrived here would give anything not to struggle between life and death. And death hurts. And when you begin to feel the pain, you realize that being alive you cannot feel deep cut in your arm or a fiery blow.


But death hurts much worse. And I understand that when Athene descended telling me that life it’s just another beginning,  trying to persuade me to return again on the Earth. Only that I cannot embrace the life. No, I won’t forever be able to do it. For Charon wants by all means to be paid and he considered to take my sister sword.


(She hugs the sword)

I won’t give it, but what does he know? What does he know about this metal coming to me, as a hope in pain. As a sister in happiness. As it fell from the brave’s girdle who attacked us by that time. And as it shone in the light of the mid-day sun, when I picked it yearningly I was only a child by that time, but it, my sister in battle and in life, gave me greater good.


How could Charon know, living mainly between shadows and pains, how the attackers came, and how the men ran, oh, those cowards, leaving us behind to defend ourselves. And then, as cut loose by the Gods, it fell near my feet and the sad and his empty sword adopted me.

Whom did I have in this world? My father, definitely not, certainly not he who had fallen in the battle right before the servants and my elder brothers tailed off. Just an old woman. My mother, who looked at me terrified. And what could I have done? I picked it up, I looked at it and I loved it the way it loved me too. Oh, how faithful it has been to me! Together, we have never lost any battle, and many have tried to kill us.


(She puts the sword back in its scabbard)

Well, Athene asked me, as ironical as she could be, than how could I die? It’s hard to remember when Styx river threatens you with its terror. But I know everything as it happened yesterday. Was it yesterday? I don’t think so. I have been waiting here for much too long time for only one day to have passed. And yet, time does not pass here. It only stays and penetrates your soul, spies you and gives you that kind of pains which you cannot feel them on the Earth. And yet, I know. I have been betrayed. And I have died far away from my home. Away from those being near me both in life and in war. And all these because of a poison and a servant who must have been felt threatened.


Threatened by whom? Still the Gods may the fire burn them! Villains who stay hidden in their shadow. Athene, I think, must have cursed me when I gave birth to a baby. For she wanted greatness and we, the women, to fight on her behalf.


I told the servant that I would give him my son to take care of him when I would go to fight or when I should work using my arms. But she, the Goddess of Vanity, sneaked in the poor fool’s mind and told him that she cursed me. She did cursed me, but look I died right before her words fulfilled.


My servant, the poor fool, he did believed what he was told. Athene must have told him that my son would kill me, that boxes full of gold lay in the dungeon which I had filled with armours and if he ran in the world with my baby, anything which I had ever possessed would belong to him when the curse would be fulfilled.


But the poor fool, in his poor thinking, what did he think? To kill me in order to get my estate why would he wait for the curse to fulfill? Therefore, he drew me in the trap, away from my home, in a desert field, uncultivated by anyone. The poison, I think, must have been put in my water, and so I have found my humanly end.


As if it matters anymore.


But when you are given to suffer, you do it till the end. For even in this world I cannot find relief. Charon even yelled at me: “If you don’t pay me, you shall feel the greatest pain. Because the bank of the river is for those who are half-dead. And you shall feel both the stabbing of the living and of those who do not live their lives any longer.” And then, the shameless, the bastard of the great Gods, thrown here in forgetting, what did he think? To ask me for my sword. But how could he understand, he, a poor shadow of a godly offspring. A mistake born from hatred, brought on Earth between the shadows. Only that metal tinkling and its vivant shining makes him startle.


And now the fool waits in his shadow cone. I might give up. But I won’t. Finally, I’m sure, someone may find my abandoned body. And maybe a mercy person would give me coin to leave for the new life.


(She walks irritated on the bank).

Oh, what pain. All come and go, then he comes back and casts glances at me. And I have the impression that he smiles somberly from under his black hood for rain. This pain… The madness which ripens in my mind.


(She jerks abruptly)

Oh, and now I have visions. I see skeleton-like riders coming on their black horses which throw flames from their nostrils and surround me. I shall not give up! No, I shall not give you my sword! Don’t try to steal it from me. I shall fight as I have never fought during the time. And I will die endlessly if it is necessary, the same way, with my sword in my hand. Actually, at my girdle. But it shall not leave me. Is all I have got from the life I had. It is everything that binds me to the Earth. To kindness, friendship and the tears which I allowed to pour on its metal.


(She falls on her knees. A figure dressed in black approaches the bank and climbs in the boat)

Oh, he laughs at me again. Soul after soul begins its new life. And I stay here.


(She stands up. Stoutly)

I shall not give up. It is it that I believe in my sword that I wear at my girdle. In the end you will ask me to leave this bank, you godly spoiled child! And then, in my madness, I shall not feel the desire to leave it. If I face greater pains, how many could touch me?


(She laughs madly)

Pain, madness, hear what he says. As if I didn’t have them on Earth. Pains and madness saw me off to the truth. And it is only then when you see clearly through the smoke curtain offered by the Gods. It is then when the pain knees you and the madness raises above all.


Though it is only this way, I tell you, you shall open your eyes. And the truth. Oh, the truth… Where is it hiding now?


(Something is falling down. Helena looks to the that spot)

It seems to be a parchment.


(She approaches and picks up an old paper having a coin tied on its end)

What a strange thing. It seems to be a note. But for whom? And how could it get here? And this coin?


(She holds it tight in her palm and looks around)

No, it is not fair to steal it. It might not belong to me. Maybe it is not mine. Shall I read the note? I am not in the mood. Who would write me on this forgiven land between the two worlds?


Or shall I dare? Maybe I should. To cast just a glance. If it is not for me, I shall seal it back and leave it where I have found it. I won’t make a big harm. Just to peep a little.


(She unfolds the paper and begins to read. In the beginning voicelessly, and going on louder and louder)

“Dead Helena…” it seems to be for me. Still, there are too many Helena born in the world. And yet I shall read till I can realize something. “I see you and deplore your unfair destiny…” Oh, destiny. It seems to be for me. But it is not only me having this destiny. “As an old servant, but more as a God, I admit that I was wrong when I agreed to be part in Athene’s deed. Now, with my eyes in tears, I sent you the coin which will bring you to the most beloved river. Start then to Lethe, the river of forgetting and complete beginning. Accept this new life gift and go with your sword to rest.” Shall I dare to believe that it belongs to me?


(She looks again around her)

But there is no one around and Charon is not back.


(She raises the coin to be seen by Charon)

Here, you villain child of the shadow, of the death and pain, this is your payment. You shall carry me to Lethe, otherwise if I approach I shall tear your head of your body and throw it into the Styx for all those tormented by you and captured in black waves to enjoy the revenge.


(The boat approaches the bank. Helena climbs in)

Yes, let’s go. Here is your payment, and do not dare to look at me. My new life begins, and this, my old sword, shall be always with me.




And so, poor Helena, carried through pain,

begins a new life in the forgetting desire.

She by herself fought against the time ghosts.

She by herself defended her people and her children.

And now, after a century, she found relief.

Life begins right now. Long live forever the mighty Helena!

            May she live!

            (The darkness falls on the scene. The curtain drops)